For Femme Folio’s second issue, Burn the Binary, we are exploring self-reflections and everything in between that are related to gender, queer theory, gender politics and activism, sexuality and gender identity, sexual fluidity, self-care, gender stereotyping, body image and more.

We ask folks who are interested in submitting to feel as if they can take whatever direction they want with these pages. We welcome interpretations of our theme, Burn the Binary, and welcome all submissions that fit within our submission guidelines.

All of the participants in our zine series will receive a free comp copy of the zine, and a free enamel pin that is being designed specifically for this zine launch by Monster Cliche.

We want this issue to be an inclusive safe space. We hope to provide priority and opportunities to IBPOC's, trans folx, those with disabilities (invisible or otherwise) and folks on the margins. We hope to grow and develop as a small press organization and will do our best to support LGBTQ+ rights and diversity.  

We will make a commitment to  not accept language or art that excludes others or understandings. Femme Folio retains the right to refuse a pitch to this issue if it is deemed inappropriate.

Please find our submission guidelines below.


We will be accepting submissions until September 20th EOD which can be e-mailed to - please remember to include your name, contact information, social media handles and portfolio to other works (where applicable). 

Written submission: Word count usually amount to a couple hundred words, depending on the size of the font. Please, no Word docs that are pages long. Your pieces will be edited for spelling and grammar unless otherwise noted. All pieces will be laid out for you, if you would like to design your own page, please refer to either the Photo or Illustrations and Comics submissions below.

Photo submissions: Images need to 8.75" x 5.75" (Full bleed, Bleed is 0.25") in CMYK Colour. Please be mindful of negative space, as images will be cropped to fit the specs if you send a larger image. Limited of two images per submission.

Illustrations and Comics: All Illustrations and Comics must be submitted in CMYK colour (if your files are black and white, please let us know when you submit.) Illustration files should be 8.75” x 5.75” (Full Bleed, bleed of 0.25”) though you can submit at most two images (same file size.) If you’re submitting a comic, please stick to illustration image specs, and make note if your comic will be a single page spread or double page spread.

**If you need help with formatting or submission questions, please email us at and we will be more than happy to help!**